Care Counseling and Health Promotion

Help your members and employees make good decisions about their health. Health Services Foundation (HSF) offers a variety of programs to help our members achieve and maintain optimal health. We do this by supporting the efforts of physicians, reducing health risk factors, and successfully managing conditions.

Through biometric screenings, health assessments, and blood draws, our nurses identify, educate, motivate, and support members to live healthier lives. In addition, we are committed to the concept that one-on-one interactions provide the best opportunity for members to take an active role in managing their health.


Follow-up Support for Biometric Screenings

As a supplement to our biometric screening services, Health Services Foundation provides nurse outreach to participants identified with chronic conditions or other significant health risks. We ensure that those participants are aware of their health situation and understand the necessity of obtaining ongoing support. The primary objective of this program is to make sure that program members are under a care plan with their physicians. We also refer those members to care support programs offered by their employer or plan sponsor.

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Condition Management

HSF’s condition management program provides one-on-one interaction between our nurses and program members with diagnosed conditions or significant health risk factors. Utilizing sophisticated analytics based on medical claims, prescription drug, and lab data, we accurately determine a member’s risk status. Through ongoing coaching calls with our nurses, your program members are encouraged to better understand their conditions, as well as comply with any lifestyle changes recommended by their personal physicians.

In addition, our nurses reach out to recently hospitalized members to assist them in complying with their hospital discharge instructions, thereby reducing unnecessary readmissions. We are committed to the concept that teamwork and continuous personal support are the keys to making good health care decisions.

Lifestyle Coaching & Personal Health Reports

Receive the personalized support you need from our highly qualified nurses. Our Lifestyle Coaching program provides opportunities for members with moderate health risks to get the assistance they need between visits to their physicians. As with our Condition Management program, your members are encouraged to know their numbers and understand the benefits that lifestyle changes have on their overall health. Specialty programs are also available. These include coaching for smoking cessation, weight management, and stress management.

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Fitness Trackers

Fitness and Nutritional Tracking

We recognize that member engagement isn’t always about talking to a nurse or health coach. Some members prefer to utilize technology to establish goals and monitor progress in their attempts to achieve better health. At HSF, we provide the means to track fitness and nutritional goals through the use of mobile technology. Whether it’s a mobile tracking device that counts daily steps or through a mobile application that tracks dietary habits, we can help your employees/members set their own health goals and monitor progress. We can also provide them with a web portal to create a record of their achievements, compare progress with others, and qualify for incentives.

Web-Based Programs

For those interested in an online approach to managing their health, we offer web-based solutions. Through a secure site, members access information about their medical claims, screening results, prescription drugs, and gaps in care. They also have access to information about their conditions, standards of medical care, and recommended lifestyle modifications.

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