Our Commitment

Make the world a healthier place with help from Health Services Foundation.   Through a comprehensive set of programs, we can help you achieve wellness in a variety of ways.  However, it is our commitment to the one-on-one relationship between program members and our nurses that truly sets us apart.

To Program Participants

We take a personal approach to helping you manage your health. Whether you’re living with a chronic condition, have questions about a risk factor, or just want to stay healthy, we understand your concerns. Our primary focus is to assist you in following the advice of your physician in managing your health issues.

Our experienced nurses are available to help you understand your numbers, set and meet health goals, and assist you in making good health care decisions. From biometric screenings to health coaching and disease management, we make sure you have the resources you need.

To Plan Sponsors

The history of our success speaks volumes.  For over 40 years, HSF has been working with benefit plan sponsors to improve the health of their program members and reduce medical spending.  We have always focused on personal interactions; first by bringing mobile screening services to the workplace, and later by developing nurse coaching programs to address individual health risks.  We remain committed to this approach, as we feel that person to person interaction over time is the most effective way to help people manage their health conditions.  While we also offer self-directed programs for tracking fitness and dietary goals, we always encourage program members to work with our nurses and clinicians whenever possible.

As a non-profit organization, we are able to devote a majority of our resources to direct screening and coaching services while remaining price competitive.  This provides our customers with the best possibility of seeing a positive return on their investment.